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I paint by heart and all the feelings I contain.
I am an ordinary amateur artist , I started to paint in 1999 , but the most abstract.
I also write small novels .
I have written :
1 to my own children that it is okay to be different.
1 juvenile novel.
1 horror story that can continue.
I was born in 1976 , a beautiful summer day July 22 .
I am happily married , have two biological children and 2 heart children.
I will not go into whether one is blood or not, it is the feeling in the heart that counts.
So I have 4 wonderful children.
I come from a large group of siblings in all I have 4 siblings.
And I have 5 that are feeling siblings , so it's 9 in total and I love them all.
I also saw 3 sets of parents where my biological mother unfortunately passed away, but it was she who taught me that emotions are the most important thing in life and you must remember to live it here and now.
My motto is from everything that I have learned from my mother.

My motto :
(Light , life and love )
Remember live life , you are your feelings
let love win

To all who are struggling with feeling in having cancer or someone they know who has cancer, I have made a link under
Guests and links
to my Facebook side about cancer and support to be able to talk to others who have or know someone who has.

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